Krakatoa Ecotours is a company that operates in the field of tourism, especially organizers and guiding. We have been guiding since 1996 until now. We have guiding certification which is obtained from special training and education, experience and knowledge required to accompany tourists, from that experience. We get a lot of customers visiting our area, especially the Sunda Strait area, such as; Mount Krakatoa, Ujungkulon National Park, Panaitan surfing, diving, Baduy, and Overland volcano,
We provide tourism services for both individuals or small groups and large groups for tourist destinations on the islands of Java and Bali…we have guides with various languages ​​and all of them are certified,

We are also part of the coastal community who care about nature and environment,In 2018 in the sunda strait region was hit by tsunami caused the collaps of Mount Anak Krakatau .causing natural damage,especially coral reefs and their ecosystem.and loss the human live.following the incident we are trying to improve and rehabilitate the under water environment,especially in the field of repairing and preserving coral reefs,in Carita beach area and others .this community is Called ” Sukarame under water Nature conservation:finally this activity starting to show result,no only ecosystem maintained but its brings benefit to the human around it ,e,g snorkling,etc

Thank you for visit our website and enjoy dicover beauty nature