Indonesia is a best destination to explore volcano active ,,,,

You may start from western of Java island,with its visit Krakatau Volcano ,Gunung gede Pangrango ,Gunung Tangkuban perahu ,Gunung papandayan [ 3 of them in west Java area ,then travel continued to central java and yogyakarta visit Mount Merapi ,afterward drive by car to east java [ most populer volcano Bromo }

Why visit Bromo and Kawah Ijen? To witness an epic sunrise from the grandiose caldera of the Tenger-Bromo super volcano To hear the roar of the Earth while balancing on the edge of an active volcano crater To discover unforgettable otherworldly landscapes

Day 1 – Transfer to Java We start our trip at dawn in a comfortable car or minibus in South Bali (pick-up also available from Ubud around 7-7:30 a.m. or from the Probolingo railway station in Java around 4-5 p.m.) After a few hours driving through Balinese landscapes, we will take a ferry to Java and continue our trip there, taking in typical Javanese landscapes. We will arrive at the last village of the Bromo site in the late afternoon (altitude of 2,300 m), have a local dinner, and enjoy some free time to rest (or explore the surroundings) before the night climb. Night at GOOD KARMA Bromo.

Day 2 – Meeting the Bromo Our journey begins with a 3:30 a.m. wake-up call and departure aboard an off-road 4×4 jeep. We will climb to the top of the Tenger-Bromo caldera to reach the “King-Kong” viewpoint (altitude of 2,650 m.) At the viewpoint platform, we will witness a stunning sunrise over the following volcanoes: Bromo (active, an altitude of 2,300 m) Batok (dormant, an altitude of 2,400 m) Semeru (active and erupting, altitude of 3,677 m, the tallest volcano in Java) After enjoying the beautiful view (and depending on the weather conditions), we will cross the “sea of sand” (mostly made up of the volcanic ashes and debris of prior eruptions) and head to the sacred Hindu temples at the foot of the spectacular Bromo and Batok volcanoes. Making our way around the temples dedicated to the gods living inside the crater, we will go up a steep and narrow path and climb 250 steps to reach the top of the Bromo. Only then, stunned by the sounds coming from the entrails of the Earth, and in the cold of the night, will we be able to experience the beauty of the smoking crater, its sulfur vapors emanating from the depths of the volcano. A truly unforgettable moment! After exploring this extraordinary volcanic site, we will continue on our adventure, witnessing magnificent landscapes, traditional villages, various plantations (coffee, tobacco, rice, etc.), and authentic moments of the Javanese lifestyle in this beautiful volcanic region. A lunch and dinner of local cuisine will delight us before our arrival at our hotel.

Day 3 – Conquering the Kawah Ijen Departure at 1:00 am for a 1 hour transfer to the Kawah Ijen base camp. After safety briefing and the provision of essential equipment (lamps, gas masks, etc.), we will begin the night climb at 2:00 am. Our experienced professional guides will lead you to the summit (2,300 m) through a beautiful mountain trail, under a ceiling of stars. It will take us between 1.5 and 2 hours of trekking to reach the top of Kawah Ijen volcano. Once at the top of the crater, the most exciting part begins: we will descend, in complete darkness, into the crater of the active volcano to witness the unique phenomenon of the “blue flames”. Our guides principally made up of former sulfur miners and porters and therefore very knowledgeable about the crater, will help you descend safely. They will exercise constant vigilance and make sure you are using the protective masks appropriately, providing you with constant help and guidance within this extremely spectacular environment. At around 5 a.m., watching the sunrise above the largest acid lake in the world will complete this extraordinary adventure. We will take the time to appreciate the surreal scene surrounding us, enjoying the sunrise above the stunning turquoise lake while watching the brave workers carry huge sulfur blocks on their shoulders up to the crater rim! Around 6-7 a.m., we will descend from this incredible location and head back to the base camp (altitude of 1,900 m). In the light of the day, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful trail that led to the caldera of the stratovolcano. Filled with its energy and the morning’s unique impressions, we will gently make our way down the slopes of the volcano and enjoy a breakfast specially prepared by a local Javanese family. Following a ferry ride from Java to Bali, we will return to our starting point in the South of Bali (arrival at around 6 p.m.) Upon returning, we can guarantee that you will feel physically tired, but that this feeling will quickly pass and give way to the joy of the new memories you will get to cherish for the rest of your life.