River tubing or the Ahir Ahir water slide is a water attraction that is very popular or enjoyed by teenagers and adults. By following the fast flowing water with the occasional rapids which makes visitors feel challenged and exciting. In the Sukarame tourist village there is now a river area. Tubing is a water tourism attraction. Visitors will also get comfort and fun playing at this location.


The river tubing location is only a few hundred meters from the end of Susukan village. With a fairly large parking lot plus easy access, this place is a favorite for visitors.

Other attractions

In the river tubing area you will get other attractions, for example: river jumping or jumping into the river water (dam) at a certain height. Apart from that, visitors can also do camping (or spend the night) around this area. Then you will get other attractions. as well as an adventure along the river, because there are still many places you can visit

Home industry (home business) emping

In Susukan village, there is an emping production center. So, for tourists who have had fun tubing, they can stop by at this emping industry center… You can learn directly or just watch…
notes ; This activity can be done during the rainy season, if in the dry season the surface and water volume is a bit low, you can only swim and go along the river.