Curug Putri is a waterfall that has a height of 2-3 meters, but the uniqueness of this waterfall is that it has a water flow extending 150 meters, winding between large cliffs of pyroclastic rock. It has sturdy and high walls and is surrounded by plants, its location is in the Forest Park area. Banten, which has an area covering 150 hectares.
How can I reach this location?
Every tourist who wants to visit this place must come to Sukarame Carita Village and invite a driver or motorbike rider (ojek). Then walk to get to the waterfall takes 1 hour, but the tiring journey will pay off when you arrive. There are lots of beautiful views along the way. Traveling, sometimes we can meet duration to visit this area atleast 3-4 hours return

Suggestion,using spot or trekking shoe,stick ,enough water,swimsuit [ change ]

attention,in the wet monsoon the trek is mudy and slippery