Duration :  2 Night / 3 Day
Accommodation :  Lodge/Guest house
Transportation :  Wooden Boat
Start/End :  Carita Beach / Carita Beach
Grade of difficulty :  Moderate

Day: 01
We leave from Carita Hotels to Sumur take about 2 and half hour Defends the traffic, on the way we can see fisherman ,rice feel, small villages, mountain. its really interesting. Arrived at Sumur lunch at the simple restaurant (Warung Nasi) then directly to the beach Where our  wooden boat stand by, from here directly to Handeleum island take about 1 and half hour, Drop at Badul Island on the half way for snorkeling if the weather fine, then directly to Handeleum island, where we will stay over night, check in at accommodation and rest, Around 4:30 pm, we have short tracking program cross the island to west side for sun set, then back to accommodation, what kind animal we can see here? Normally: Lizard, monkey, deer, and bird. dinner at 7;00 pm, free program.
Day: 02
After breakfast, we go to Ci Genter rivers, take about 15 minutes from the island,its possible to drop at the Grazing ground, closed to mouth of river, where normally the animal come for feeding, then continue Cannoning program, During 1 hour on the canoe, if our lucky we can see many kind of Bird, black monkey, piton, crocodile, also Rhinos. Stop at the middle of river, continue tracking to hade of river take about 1:30 hour, Arrived at the hade river at the real jungle, rest and swimming at the small waterfall, then back to our Boat, lunch will be served on the boat ,after that directly to Peucang Island take about 1:30 hour, Arrived at the island check in at accommodation, relax while drink tea or coffee, possible to laying down on the beach, at 5:00 pm. We goby boat to Ci Daon (Grazing ground) around 15 minutes, at this please normally we can find many animal: wild bull, peacock, wild pig, eagles, etc. Then back to the island, Dinner at 7;00 pm, free program.
Day: 03
After break fast, we go by boat take about 30 minutes to Ci Bom, where we can find simple museum that give the explanation all about History of Ci Bom and the other areas around here, which left by Dutch in nineteenth century that concerned with the Krakatau volcano eruption in 1883,then continue Tracking to Ci Ramea beaches (Turtle beach) take about 1:30 hour cross jungle, Arrived beaches rest few minutes than continue tracking to Tanjung Layar trough out the nice beaches and costal forest take about 1 hours, at Tanjung Layar We can find the Historical building and light house those built by Dutch in 19th century, we can visit another light house, which build by Indonesia government and still function able as traffic light of many cargo ship passing by the Panaitan strait in the night time, then tracking back to Ci Bom through the easy way take about 30 minutes, lunch will be served on the boat, after that back to Sumur take about 3 hours then back to Carita, Trip the End.