Duration  : 7 Day
Transport facility  : Traditional wooden boatt
Difficult   : Easy/moderate
Star – Finish  :  Jakarta
Price  : Contact Us

Ujung Kulon is a big, wild, and inaccessible national park occupying the south-western tip of Java. For those with time on their hands, exploring this park means entering a real wilderness where pristine forest ends on white sand beaches. Your chances of seeing wild Javan Rhino are remote, but you chances of encountering most of Java’s lowland forest specialities is pretty high.The options for birding in Ujong Kulon are a bit all or nothing. Undoubtedly the best option for seeing the most is to take on a week-long trek along the south coast and crossing the peninsular to Cidaun at the western end of the park. This will take you through the full range of coastal scrub and forest and pristine lowland rainforest. The walking is pretty tough (much of it on sand) but the opportunities this would provide for birding would be hard to beat. If you add an extra day or so and take the trail to the furthest point of mainland Java at the Tanjung Layar Lighthouse the opportunities for seeing seabirds are very good, with Brown Booby, Streaked Shearwater, Wedge-tailed Shearwater, Bulwer’s Petrel and Christmas Island Frigatebird all being recorded in the past.

For those without the time or inclination to make the long walk in, the alternatives are to visit one of two small islands that lie just offshore of the main peninsular. The first  option is to visit Pulau Handeuleum. This small island is on the north side of the park and is dominated by mangrove around its edges and a small area of proper forest in its centre. The second option is to visit Pulau Peucang. This island lies off the western side of the park, opposite Cidaun and is bigger with more forest (plus better views of the sea if you were inclined to try a bit of seawatching). The birding on these islands is likely to be more limited than on the main peninsula, but you should still be able to pick up many of the good birds on offer. It may also be able to combine a trip to the islands with a bit of exploration on the mainland.

Tour Itinerary


Depart from Jakarta at 6am than directly to Sumur village – western tip of Java (boat port) with located at the Ujung Kulon water (breakfast serve on the way)  take approxe 5 hours, arrive the board the boat for cruising to Handelum island (one of island belong to Ujung Kulon) lies between the group of small islands located at the northeast of the coast of Ujung Kulon Peninsula. On the island there are species of deer and birds while the island itself is surrounded by mangrove forests, Birding than overnight


Early moring canoes trip up the Cigenter river meander through dense overhanging rain forest for 2 hours. Seeing the beauty of the islands typical wet tropical forest at Cigenter. The habitat of Python, hornbill, type of monkey where Crocodile and Rhino are occasionally sight in this area. The charm of this river lies in its tranquil, primeval beauty, Ujung Kulon Park was an unbelievably fantastic experience. It’s remarkably peaceful and lovely here, yet full of primeval – rainforest and trees that have fallen into the river. The rich colors of the place are so wonderful, and the strong tropical sun creates great pools of mottled light on the riv er’s surface, overnight at Fauna Eco lodge, dinner and (free program) B/L/D


After breakfast continue to Panaitan Island (2 hours cruise) is located on the west side of Ujung Kulon National Park. A beautiful island and has various suitable areas for exploration such as mangrove forests, coastal forests, tropical forests with various species of wild animals such as deer, long-tailed macaques, leopard, crocodile, monitor lizards and various variants bird. arrive than continue through jungle for trekking to inside of island for couple hours, back to the camp site, stay overnight on the tent (dinner serve on site)


Breakfast than continue go by cruise to Peucang Island is truly a secluded paradise  located at the most western edge of Java Island. Surrounded by a soft white sandy beach, clear blue waters, and enchanting coral reefs,  Peucang promises serenity for whoever steps on its sands. and is home to a variety of species of wild animals such as monkeys, hornbills, monitor lizards, wild boars, toucans, sea hawks, and more. The most notable of these is the barking deer that are found abundantly around the island. Arrive than check in at Peucang island lodge, than we are ready to explore Peucang Island trekking to the Karang Copong ( the trail leads you to the northern point of Peucang Island, hundred years old trees with big root along the trail and animal are often to be seen such as deer, long-tailed macaque, javan wild pig, hornbill taucan and green peafowl, duration approximately 3 hours) passes through primary forest. Also you can see kind of huge trees like Ficus or Liana. As well as you’ll see huge plants like Ficus or Liana. After an hour trekking, we’ll take a rest at Karang Copong. Back to the lodge. It is time to have lunch, continue to Citerjun coral reef for snorkeling to see variety of tropical colurfull fish (Among some of the dwellers of Peucang Island underwater realm are butterfly fish, angel fish, clown fish, cockatoo fish, and a whole lot more) late afternnon continue to Cidaon grassing ground situated on the peninsula opposite island, this large grassland is grassing ground for wild bull, wild pig, peafowl, leopard, back on sunset time overnight at Fauna Eco lodge, dinner and (free program). B/L/D


Beardin early at Ujung Kulon pennsula than haver breakfast we boar for return back to Sumur Village on the way we explorer Citerjun coral Greef, under water on this area is full of reef also colurfull of tripical fish can find it visit to the world – (Among some of the dwellers of Peucang Island underwater realm are butterfly fish, angel fish, clown fish, cockatoo fish, and a whole lot more) arrive at Sumur than transfer back to Jakarta. End the trip. B/L

Service include :

Transportations, boat (traditional wooden boat),  accommodation at the lodge/camping, meal (bf, ln, dn), mineral water, coffe, tea, milk, yogurs, snacks, fruits, cold soft drink, entrance  permits, snorkeling gear, vegetarian food available on request expert guidance, all ground and sea transfers as  described in the program including private charter boat

Price excludes :

Alcohol beverage, Personal travel Insurance, Gratuities to guide and crew

Tips for visitors

To avoid the adverse effect of severe heat, smear uncovered skin with sunblock and to protect your health, use antimosquito cream while traversing the forest.

Wear muted-color garments while watching animals in their habitat or grazing locations.

For safety’s sake during a trip, every group of tourists is advised to use the services of a guide.

Don’t disturb or feed wild animals in the national park, especially long-tailed macaques on Peucang island, which look so tame.

Don’t throw rubbish in the park, but collect and take it back to the guest house or outside the park. Obey all regulations effective in the national park and also the local customs..

Tour : All tour durations are flexible according to your schedule and budget. We can arrange airport   transfers and accommodation for the duration of  your  stay in Carita