bird watching tour

Bird watching tourism is a tourist attraction that can be enjoyed by bird lovers all over the world. There is uniqueness and satisfaction in being able to find the birds you are looking for without having to walk long distances to climb mountains and cut through the wilderness, in the Carita forest area. You can do this tourist activity quite easily, why? Here bird lovers can find several types of birds endemic to the island of Java, one of which is the icon of the Carita forest area, namely, Javan banded Pitta, eagle, king fisher and many more, because in In this area you can find 5 endemic species of Java and 85 of the 115 species of birds on the island of Java
The location is easy to reach and you don’t have to go far into the lunle even to the mountain. We provide a special bird guide, not only for the Carita area, but he has experience  explored all part of the Indonesian archipelago.It is can beach one day return from jakarta.for meanwhile there are many visitors as bird lover visiting the forest of Carita Beach.